Capital Audiofest 2016

UHA's latest high end audio show was The Capital Audiofest 2016 in Rockville Maryland / Washington DC.

UHA teamed up with Classic Audio Loudspeakers in a very large room at the Twinbrook Hilton Hotel.

AVShowrooms.com Video Shot in the room.

The History of the JBL Hartsfield Loudspeakers by John Wolf
Video by AV Showrooms
Listen to the Ultra Analog Tape of Beethoven Sonata #7 recorded by Ed Pong at 39:00.
Played on the UHA Phase12-OPS Tape Deck.

The Classic Audio Loudspeakers were very dynamic, the T-1.5 contemporary speakers have a front firing 15" woofer and an 18" down firing woofer.
Combine these large woofers with all field coil drivers in a beautiful all wooden cabinet weighing 400 lbs and you have a dynamic presentation that
produces music with authority and the type of dynamics one hears in live music.
A large custom designed and tuned compression horn driver mated with a super tweeter produce a lively and involving soundstage.
The speakers were placed fairly wide in the room one could argue, however it was a huge room and the speakers
delivered a very thick concert style sound field that was enveloping.
Live recordings were especially fun and seemed very natural in size and scope.

THe UHA After Hours Analog Tape Events were well attended and went on till late as usual.
All kinds of music was played and everyone had a great time. John and Mike with Classic Audio Loudspeakers said they wouldn't be able to stay awake for the
after hours shows but ended up being there right to the end. It was exciting and those in attendance were stuck in their chairs, no doubt much longer than they would have imagined!  
Our byddies Charles King and Sarge along with many others were there till way late. Thanks to all the industry folks who hung out and listened with us, Peter Breuninger, Terry Eringi-Breuninger, Scot Hull
Kemper Holt, Myles Astor, Herb Reichart plus lots of other industry pro's.  

Just an IPhone video shot in the room.

The UHA Phase12 OPS tape deck with Atma-Sphere MP-1 Preamp and Novacron mono amps.
Kuzma Reference turntable and Tri-Planar tonearm.

The Classic Audio Loudspeakers the Hartsfield speakers and the T-1.5 speakers.
Peter Breuninger listens intently...
Peter sets up his video gear for an AV Showrooms video.
The Hartsvield left and the T-1.5's right

Adjustable is always cool.