Celtic Silver Double Dragon Interconnects
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Celtic Silver

The "Double Dragon" Interconnects!
What's a Double Dragon?
It's the most silver wire in any interconnect cable on earth!
It's twice the conductors as the regular Dragon!
That means an awesome 16 strands of 99.999999 silver wire in each cable!
1m = $899
1.5m = $959
2m = $1300
Each of the 16 silver strands is encased in it's own Teflon
dielectric for the best insulation possible.
All 16 conductors are woven in a litz braid to avoid any RF
or EMI interference. WBT RCA connectors come standard as well. This is the best interconnect we could possibly
imagine and for the money it can't be beat!
1m = only $899!
Think about this for a second and you'll buy Celtic Silver Dragon cables.
1.) This interconnect cable has by weight the most silver wire in it on earth. There is no other cable that comes close at any price. The more silver conductors the less the resistance and better signal to your component!
2.) There is no higher level of purity available than the 99.999999 silver in all Celtic Silver cables.
3.) Teflon is the best dielectric available,
no sonic signature.
4.) The cables are woven in a litz braid to avoid any interference.
5.) No wire shielding to rob the high frequencies from the purity of this cable.
6.) WBT locking connectors for a great German engineered connection.

When you add it all up there is no cable that can compete
 at any price!