Celtic Silver Dragon Interconnects
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The Dragon

The finest interconnects at any price!
1m pair only $499!
1.5m pair $599
2m pair $699
8 Strands of solid silver wire per cable (16 strands per pair)  
each encased in it's own Teflon shield to allow
a strong signal path between your components.
WBT connectors are used for a precise German engineered connection.
No excessive shielding is used to rob you of that sweet articulate silver sound.

Our engineers have determined that the 8 silver conductors
used in the Celtic Silver Dragon interconnects was excessive and
just plain old overkill. But we wanted a guarantee that this cable
will far exceed the electronic flow required between any two audio sources
no matter what!

Greg says;
Ever since I began using these cables I haven't been able to
use any other cable! I've tested too many other cables to list
and always found myself wanting more. Most of the silver cables
I've tested required me to turn up the volume on my amp
to achieve the same SPL. After dissection of these cables
I found tiny hair like wire and only a few of them with a huge impressive
coating of material all around the tiny wire.    
It became apparent that there wasn't enough wire there to conduct the proper
flow of electricity to satisfy my components needs.
While all these cables were always quite expensive I didn't always note any
corrolation between cost and quality of materials. For example, $1000 copper cables?
It takes allot of Vodo to turn $50 worth of copper and materials into a $1000 cable.
  If you want to take your system to another level,
get a pair of Celtic Silver cables today.