Lara Speakers
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Matching stands below

Lara Speakers = $2,599pr.
Matching Stands with the same attractive hourglass shape = $395
Speakers with stand special = $2994pr!

Special Purchase price including stands
only $1750
That's $1244 off!
while they last
only 5 pr available at this price!

The Lyra High Density Fiber Speaker Stand
Designed to be strong, solid and yet non resonant.
The response in the Store has been overwhelming, everyone loves these speakers.
The sound quality of the Lara speaker is quite remarkable for a speaker this size!
At a 90DB sensitivity and a 4 ohm load you can drive these speakers with anything.
Don't let the fact that they're a monitor speaker fool you, Wham! they'll rock the house if you want them to.
But the real strong point is they are capable of creating a three dimensional soundstage
with a remarkably natural sound, extremely realistic.
The bass is quite strong without being out of character with the mids and highs, a very linear speaker!
When I first saw and listened to these speakers I assumed they were a speaker near the $4000 price point.
I was pleasantly surprised by their price and their looks to boot. Your wife will never
complain about these beautifully sculptured speakers and matching stands in the living room!  
We've been quite impressed with the beautiful 11 step black
piano lacquer finish and the construction quality of these speakers.
They look and sound like very expensive speakers, weather in a stereo system or a complete
7.1 speaker system they will look and sound like speakers that should cost twice as much.
You'll impress everyone with these speakers, just don't tell them how much you paid!  

High quality black lacquer applied in a thick 11 Layer Gloss finish!
 Surface Dimension:H=27",W=13",D=20
 Shipping Weight: 44LB ea.

Driver Unit , 2 Way 3 Drivers
Driver Unit Size 1" x 1 Unit, 6.5" x 2 Units
S.P.Level 90 dB / W / M
Effective Frequency 48 Hz ~ 25K Hz
Maximum Power 8W / 200W Maximum
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm