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Audio Aero Capitole
$8700 with analog inputs
Special  Edition Capitole $9750

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The All New
Capitole "Special Edition"!
Heres what you get.  
1.) Includes NOS Cryo treated tubes!
2.) Full function pre amp!
4.) A stand alone DAC with every digital input you can think of!
5.)One balanced analog input
6.)Two analog RCA inputs
7.)RCA and Balanced outputs
8.) A cost no object output stage from the DAC with the finest of everything in the signal path!

The Stibbert II improved is actually the only CD player on the market with a double chassis completely isolated through 4 conical springs. The main plinth of the CD player chassis, just as the Bluenote best analog record players, is made of a 20mm thick black acrylic shaped like the Ferrari Formula1© steering wheel. Such special shape, designed to have totally non-parallel edges, increases enormously the structural rigidity, virtually eliminating any vibration feedback. The transport mechanism is of the drawer type and is designed to achieve the best rotational stability. The Stibbert II improved is the first audiophile CD player used the latest Bluenote digital technology and output proprietary filter called Zero-Clock™. The Electro-Power™ voltage power supply of the Stibbert II improved is the first self adjusting power supply installed in a consumer CD Player. It checks itself 50 times per minute. The Electro-Power™ also checks every 10 minutes the right functioning and electronic stability of the whole system. The Motor controlled by the innovative Electro-Power™ enables the CD player to lower speed fluctuation to less than 0,0001% in any electrical system within 100 to 260 volt range. Finally, the Electro-Power™ galvanically isolates the CD Player to guarantee the best sound performances available.

SPECIFICATIONS: DIMENSIONS: 550mm L x 250mm H x 450mm D - WEIGHT: Kg. 12,00 - FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 4Hz - 44KHz @ +/- 1dB - THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): 0,0001% Max. - SIGNAL-NOISE RATIO: 118dB - DYNAMIC RESPONSE: 127dB - SPEED FLUCTUATION: 0,0001% Max. - CONTROL DIGITAL SYSTEM: Zero-Clock™ - DAC: PCM1704 - DIGITAL OUTPUT: 75 ohms RCA connector - ANALOG OUTPUT: STEREO RCA + XLR connectors - POWER SUPPLY: Electro-Power™ 100/260Volt 50/60Hz electronic


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Awesome review in TAS click here for Lector details!

A best bang for the buck unit!
Audio Aero 24 / 192 Prima CD Player

Prima CD Player - High-end CD player at affordable price
When we started designing this CD player, we wanted to offer the best performance from the latest technology components in signal conversion and treatment.
First, we chose the musical and reliable Philips VAM1201 and we added a low jitter external clock to enhance its precision.
Then, by performing a four time over-sampling (176.4 kHz) and delivering data to the new PCM1739 (24 bit / 192 kHz) DAC from Burr-Brown, digital signal is converted with enhanced resolution, presence and soundstage (16 bit signal treated by a 24 bit DAC), giving analogue-like medium and high.
In order to keep and reveal qualities of digital stage, the output stage features two sub-miniature tubes and a high quality buffer.
We hope you’ll enjoy its qualities as much as we do.
Typical audio performance :
Frequency range : 15 Hz - 20 kHz (- 1dB)
Output voltage : 2.2 V RMS
Output impedance : 1 Kohms
Signal to noise ratio : 100dB
Total harmonic distortion : < 0,2 %
Power supply :
100 / 120 / 230 / 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz selected at factory.
Power consumption : 20W
Technology :
Philips VAM1201 mechanism
4 times oversampling
Burr-Brown PCM1739E 24 bit / 192 kHz Digital to Analog converter
6021W subminiature tube output stage and buffer
General :
Analog output : single-ended RCA
Digital output : RCA
Chassis and cover : 15/10 steel
Weight : 8 kg. / 17.4 lbs.
Dimensions (W x L x H) : 435 x 320 x 95 mm / 17.12 x 12.60 x 3.74 inches