Jolida Music Envoy Monoblocks
Monoblocks and remote controlled Preamp!
$9,500.00 (package deal)
Monoblocks only $8750 pr.
Jolida's Signature stereo system,
the finest electronics have gone into these baby's!
You'll have to see them to believe it!
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The Musical Envoy Tube Monobock Power Amplifier
From the 3/8th inch carved white metal top and blue illumination on the front glass panel, the monoblocks represent the the state of the art in workmanship and sound production. The 211 tube was selected as the main power output because of its long life and value price as an industrial heating tube (10,000 hours and $60) and sound quality since its alter ego is as a singe ended triode tube. The monoblocks provides so much weight in the bottom end that a powered subwoofer is irrelevant. The highs are extended and presence but they are not just there, they are harmonic. It can drive speakers that are 78dB so running out of power on inefficient speakers are a thing of the past. The unit has a digital protection circuit which can handle any surge from the outlet or it a tube should fail. High quality parts throughout will contribute to years of pleasurable music.
Technical Specifications:
Rated Output Power:
200 W per channel at 8 ohms, 25Hz to 40KHz
Frequency Response:
(at 1 watt into 8 ohms) 14Hz to 50KHz + 1dB
Distortion THD:
Less than 1% at 150 W output, 21Hz to 28KHz
Circuit Type:
Ultra Linear, Class AB
Input Impedance:
Input Sensitivity:
2.35mV at 1KHz and 8 ohms for 200 watt output
Output Impedance:
4 and 8 ohms
Tube Complement:
2 pcs. 211 power output; 2 pcs. El34 power drivers, 2 pcs. 12AT7 power drivers
Power Requirements:
110V-120 VAC 60Hz 180 watts-standby, 850 watts maximum (220 VAC 50Hz option)
50 pounds (23 Kg) net, approximately 55 pounds (25 Kg) packaged
Two year limited parts and labor. One year or 1000 hours whichever comes first on Jolida Tubes.

Music Envoy Vacuum Tube Preamplifier
A full feature remote control unit that has four inputs, a fixed RCA out, a variable pre-out, and a high gain output. Included is a phono stage that will handle MM, MC and Dynamic head. Rated sensitivity at .25 mV 95 dB. Also has two 12 volt triggers. Serves as a perfect mate for the Music Envoy Monoblocks.

Technical Specifications:
Max Output Voltage:
30 V
Voltage Gain:
20 dB (Output 1) 10 dB (Output 2)
Frequency Response:
5Hz to 110KHz, (+/- 1 dB)
> 100 dB
Distortion THD:
Less than .02%
Input Impedance:
Output Impedance:
600 ohms
Phono Stage:
MM: 70 dB, 5 mV
MC High: 85 dB, 0.5 mV 1.5 mV
MC Low: 95 dB, 0.25 mV 0.5 mV
Tube Complement:
2 pcs. 12AX7; 2 pcs. 12AT7
17 in. (W) x 13 in. (D) x 4.5 in. (H)
22 lbs., 27 lbs. Boxed
Two years parts and labor on chassis, One year on tubes
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