MBL Audio Nobel Line
We have the most complete line of MBL equipment in America.
All three lines are available for demo, Basic, Nobel, and Reference.
Items purchased from an unauthorized dealer or used do not include a warranty.
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NEW! MBL 116F Monitor Speakers
MBL 5011 Preamp
MBL 1531 CD player
MBL 8011AM Monoblocks
MBL 9007 Monoblocks

The new affordable MBL integrated 180w amp

By Appointment the MBL Reference system.
101E speakers
9008 monoblocks
6010 Preamp

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Greg Beron and Jeremy Bryan of MBL North America
The new 116F speakers
Easy to drive Radialstrahlers?
Yes, 100w tube or 200w solid state!
In store for demo.

MBL 9007
$20,880 each
review in Stereophile
MBL 9007 Stereophile review
mbl 9007 Mono / Stereo power amplifier - the passion of power and music
This true analog power amplifier is built only with discrete components. No integrated circuit, nor microprocessors are involved in this design. Our engineers have created a fully balanced design for mono operation. Though, there is a possibility to drive this amp in Stereo too, thus offering incredible flexibility, especially in High End home theater setups. In short, it is a technical masterpiece manufactured in the service of music.
The circuitry technology concepts developed by MBL, such as the “DPP” (Direct Push Pull)is combined here with a unique new circuit board design with ultra-short signal paths. In addition, special low-induction components in the passive environment make it possible to exploit the
full bandwidth of this amplifier.
Special technical features:
• Multi-layer PCB quality FR4 with heavy CU planes in the output section
• galvanic gilding to protect the copper against pollution
• ultra short signal paths
• extreme high peak pulse power up to 1.900 W (MONO)
• balanced XLR and RCA input
• Layout in “ground-plane” and “eye-of-an-needle” techniques
• Low-induction MPC resistors and MHz-type RSH capacitors
• Super-fast ring-emitter transistors in X-crossed array
• DPP circuit (Direct Push Pull)
• IGC technology (Isolated Gain Cell)
• Regulated power supply for the Class-A drive electronics
• Custom MBL-built binding posts made of pure copper
• No output relays
• 132.000 uF custom built power capacitor bank
• Pure copper internal wiring
• DC servo coupling
• Flat frequency response to beyond 350 kHz
• Outstanding mechanical structure
This fully balanced differential amplifier employs a custom built toroidal transformer for the power stage and 1 custom-built, fully-shielded toroidal transformer for the driver stage. The power transformer is mounted on an aluminium metal shield and encased in epoxy for ultra-effective damping. The output stage and the driver stage employ separate supplies to fully isolate the output stage from the input stage.
All of these outstanding technical specialties set the stage for our ultimate goal:
Music reproduction on highest quality level.
Engineered in Germany for the music lovers in the world.
The mbl 9007 power amplifier can be used both in STEREO and in MONO mode.
In STEREO mode the pre amp is connected to the power amp with two unbalanced cables.
In MONO mode the pre amp is connected to two power amps with balanced cables.

MBL's newest amp!
The redesigned
MBL 8011MA
$7,976 each
All new design the 8011MA replaces the 8011M

Notice the new faceplate matching the larger reference amps.
New on /off and standby switches.
New led lights matching the reference amps.
This new 8011M "A" version is sweeter yet more detailed and yet faster than the old version.
Never the least bit harsh, (all too often even more expensive solid state from other manufacturers
tends to be harsh or strident on the highs).
We have always been tube guys but the MBL amps may be better, I am surprised to say.

We proudly present MBL's latest update of the mono power amplifier mbl 8011M
the new "A-version": 8011M A
This new "A"-version not only features a new optical look well adapted to the MBL reference power amplifier line, but also some technical innovations:
1.) There are now 2 separate mono power stages built in to improve the impulse
response and reduce the harmonic distortion and signal crosstalk.
2.) The achievement is: more transparency and higher quality in sound.
The mbl 8011M A also features more user comfort like:
standby mode, sleep mode and the brightness levels of the LED display can be remote controlled.
The mbl 8011M A will captivate you with its excellent sound and its beautiful compact design. And of course it offers everything you expect from MBL:
superior materials, high quality workmanship and sophisticated technology for brilliant, genuine music reproduction.

This output stage is a mono block which is identical to the stereo version in its construction. Special features include the bi-wiring speaker connections on the rear panel, main charging electrolytic capacitors with extra long service life and a connection to accommodate convenient remote switching via the preamplifier. The preferred placement of the mono output stages beside the speakers makes it possible to work with extremely short speaker wiring, thus reducing wiring losses and increasing the quality of music reproduction considerably. This mono block version is also highly recommended when longer distances between the speakers and the electronics are involved or for use in a home-theater system. The output stage is universal and can also easily handle multi-channel operation. With this mono output stage, you will set your own individual accents. The demands of a high-end purist on design and technology can be satisfied without compromise.
The mbl 8011 Output Stage
These powerful output stages show off the purity and naturalness of your music to its best advantage: from the most delicate pianissimo to the most spirited fortissimo – it’s a sound experience that maintains a consistently high level of quality. Thanks to the combination of the superior materials and high-quality technology you have come to expect from MBL, the music reproduction is so lively and fresh that you will be fascinated by the wonderfully impressive sound. Even the slightest interference created by the power conduction is successfully eliminated by the ingenious “ground plane layout”, giving the acoustic pattern its incomparable purity and sound precision.
The mbl 8011 is available in two versions: As a stereo output stage, the mbl 8011 S or as a mono unit, the mbl 8011 M.
Regardless of which output stage version you should decide on, the overall mbl concept guarantees you listening pleasure that is virtually unlimited.

MBL 5011 preamp
Hi-fi enthusiasts, who will settle for nothing less than absolutely neutral music reproduction, will find their dreams fulfilled by this preamplifier. The sound pattern is three-dimensional and finely differentiated, the presentation is dynamic and self-contained - you will feel as if you are actually at a Live Event! The appearance of the mbl 5011 is impressive due to its clear and practical streamlined design. There are only those controls which are technically absolutely necessary. The volume control is easily recognizable by its size and gold or chrome finish. Inputs and functions are selected using polished full-metal buttons. The digital display on the front panel indicates the exact volume level and combines attractive design with easy fine-tuning. The electronic of this preamplifier are a "delicacy" which satisfies even the highest aspirations. At the rear of the mbl 5011 there are five inputs plus two additional optional inputs to configure the preamplifier to meet your personal requirements. Besides balanced and CD-direct inputs, the selection of optional modules includes various top quality Phono inputs for MM and MC . For smooth integration of a Video Surround Processor into your High End Audio System, our preamplifier already has a processor/bypass input with fixed amplification fitted as standard. The outputs offer the sort of flexibility only known previously with our Reference preamplifier mbl 6010 D. The mbl 5011 has a total of 6 outputs. Besides a "fixed output" - uncontrolled output to connect e. g. recording equipment - this preamplifier has, as a "special treat", two output groups with separate volume and switch-on/off controls equipped with 3 balanced and 3 unbalanced (RCA) outputs. This dream machine fulfils all your requirements and enables optimum utilization in all existing High End systems. The direct connection of the input and output connectors with the printed circuit boards provides extremely short signal paths for purest music reproduction. The input stages are fitted with fantastic 'BIAS' current compensation which enables pure DC coupling and you will be surprised by the control and musical beauty of this special electronic design. The results of our work: brilliant technology, top quality processing, exclusive appearance design and a fascinating, incomparably clear and pure sound

MBL CD player 1531


Media Standard compact disk (Red Book)
Resolution: 16-Bit
Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
Number of Channels: 2
Modulation: EFM
Error Correction: CIRC
CD Mechanism
CD-PRO 2 Module
Heavy Die-Cast frame
3-beam laser
Glass Lens
Linear sledge for radial tracking
Fully digital servo processing

Resolution 24 bit Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz Error correction Repeat block on error D/A Converter 1-bit linear, double push pull; Oversampling 128x Signal to Noise-Ratio 110 dB/ 112 dB
Analog Outputs:
Connection RCA, XLR Frequency Range DC - 20 kHz, +0 dB / -0.5 dB Signal to noise 110 / 112 dBr, 2 V Dynamik 97 dB Channel seperation 110 dB, 1 kHz THD 0.0007%, 1 kHz Output level 2V (RCA),4V (XLR) Output Impedance RCA= 100 Ohm, XLR= 200 Ohm Digital Outputs: Digital Bi-phase signal,
no pulse distortion
or jitter up to 500 MHz AES/EBU, XLR XLR:
Output impedance: 110 Ohm
Open Voltage: 5.0Vp-p
Load Voltage: 2.5Vp-p
Bandwidth: 40 MHz S/P-DIF, RCA RCA:
Output impedance: 75 Ohm
Open Voltage: 1.0Vp-p
Load Voltage: 0.5Vp-p
Bandwidth: 40 MHz Toslink General:
Power supply
(factory set for country) 230/115 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Toroidal transformers
2 guard shielding
Separated windings for:
digital out, servo, control, display
10 voltage regulators
Power consumption 60 VA max. during ”Play”
15 VA max. during “Standby” Weight (net) 20kg, 44 lbs Dimensions (w x h x d) 450 x 170 x 400 mm,
18 x 6.3 x 16 inch