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mbl 9007 Mono / Stereo power amplifier - the passion of power and music
This true analog power amplifier is built only with discrete components. No integrated circuit, nor microprocessors are involved in this design. Our engineers have created a fully balanced design for mono operation. Though, there is a possibility to drive this amp in Stereo too, thus offering incredible flexibility, especially in High End home theater setups. In short, it is a technical masterpiece manufactured in the service of music.

The circuitry technology concepts developed by MBL, such as the “DPP” (Direct Push Pull)is combined here with a unique new circuit board design with ultra-short signal paths. In addition, special low-induction components in the passive environment make it possible to exploit the full bandwidth of this amplifier.
Special technical features:
• Multi-layer PCB quality FR4 with heavy CU planes in the output section
• galvanic gilding to protect the copper against pollution
• ultra short signal paths
• extreme high peak pulse power up to 1.900 W (MONO)
• balanced XLR and RCA input
• Layout in “ground-plane” and “eye-of-an-needle” techniques
• Low-induction MPC resistors and MHz-type RSH capacitors
• Super-fast ring-emitter transistors in X-crossed array
• DPP circuit (Direct Push Pull)
• IGC technology (Isolated Gain Cell)
• Regulated power supply for the Class-A drive electronics
• Custom MBL-built binding posts made of pure copper
• No output relays
• 132.000 uF custom built power capacitor bank
• Pure copper internal wiring
• DC servo coupling
• Flat frequency response to beyond 350 kHz
• Outstanding mechanical structure

This fully balanced differential amplifier employs a custom built toroidal transformer for the power stage and 1 custom-built, fully-shielded toroidal transformer for the driver stage. The power transformer is mounted on an aluminium metal shield and encased in epoxy for ultra-effective damping. The output stage and the driver stage employ separate supplies to fully isolate the output stage from the input stage.
All of these outstanding technical specialties set the stage for our ultimate goal:
Music reproduction on highest quality level.
Engineered in Germany for the music lovers in the world.
The mbl 9007 power amplifier can be used both in STEREO and in MONO mode.
In STEREO mode the pre amp is connected to the power amp with two unbalanced cables.
In MONO mode the pre amp is connected to two power amps with balanced cables.

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