MBL Audio Reference Line
We have the most complete line of MBL equipment in America.
All three lines are available for demo, Basic, Nobel, and Reference.
Items purchased from an unauthorized dealer or used do not include a warranty.
UHA is a factory authorized MBL dealer.

Is here for audition, and yes it is the best you will ever hear!
For an appointment call 866-482-8346.
You've had almost too many components in your system to remember over many years,
it's time to get off the audio merry go round! You've been looking for that ultimate sound
for years and you have tried it all within reason. The fact is for what you spent you could
have had the best, let us show you an MBL system in your budget. We have complete MBL
Basic line Radialstraller systems with integrated amp and CD player for under $20K.
Call and we can discuss your system configuration today.

The MBL Reference system is here at UHA for audition!
Complete with the Radialstrahler 101E speakers and MBL Reference electronics!
With Tara Labs famous "The Zero" interconnects and "Omega" speaker cables!
Featuring the Clearaudio Master Reference Turntable, TT-2 Tangential arm, Goldfinger Cartridge,
and the Aesthetix IO Eclipse phono preamp with dual tube rectified power supplies .
Reference system auditions are by appointment only please call for assistance.
We also have the MBL Basic and Nobel line stereo systems in the store for audition, no appointment required!
Greg Beron and Jeremy Bryan of MBL
Important Warranty info- for the Consumer's Protection:
In order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, “new” MBL products may only be purchased
 over-the-counter -or delivered and installed by an Authorized MBL Dealer.
MBL products that are purchased through the Internet, by phone or mail order are presumed to be
"used" and do not qualify for any MBL Warranty.
MBL does not warrant, in any way, products that are purchased from anyone who is
not an Authorized MBL Dealer or that have had their serial-number altered or defaced.

The jewel like quality of MBL

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MBL 101e Speakers

MBL 6010 Pre amp

MBL 9011 amplifiers

MBL 9008 Amplifiers

MBL 9007 Amplifiers

MBL Reference digital

The all new MBL 101X speakers
Four boxes per pair! The finest sound available in audio!