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Our Way
The world is determined by mediocrity. The search for good goes under in the compromise between values and standards. Ideal, perfect things seem to have become extinct in a society in which at best everything corresponds the average. The high-fidelity sector, too, could not escape from the industrial call for “acceptable things”. Within this trend towards qualitative uniformity, the listening of music has finally become dilapidated and is now nothing more than simple consumption. We think that’s a great pity. Even more – it is a loss of joie de vivre being the basis for true art of living.
For this reason, MBL cannot and does not want to follow the creed for mediocrity. It is just the opposite: From the tradition of a strict but simple philosophy we strive for perfection since the foundation of our company 20 years ago. Our objective is to achieve simply the best. We have already come very close to our objective – in many ways.
We are not interested in devices simply reproducing music for our customers are not just “consumers” of average fare. MBL rather sees itself as active promoter of superior quality of life being expressed by the integral perfection of a harmonic living space which integrates the daily pleasure of listening to music of top quality – as architectural statement in style and sound.
Our components represent this new interpretation of modern and active pleasure: MBL makes people enjoy music, gives ars vivendi a new expression – for the connaisseur who simply wants to indulge in the luxury of musical perfection and smooth elegance.
Our CD Drive

In one of its most beautiful forms our creed is represented by MBL’s 1621 A CD drive which totally differs from the products of the mass market for CD players. The mbl 1621 A symbolizes our striving for perfection in every respect – it combines brilliant technology, perfect design and exclusive materials in brilliant workmanship.
The drive operates as interface between the musical reproduction equipment and the world outside represented by compact discs. Thus, it is the first step for perfect reproduction of music. For this reason, we indulge in the luxury of the best CD drive available on the market, the mbl 1621 A, that is equipped with a stable aluminum diecasting frame. But this would not be enough since here, too, the devil – and the difference between the most perfect and all the others – is in the nuts and bolts. Therefore, we further improve the absolutely and durably precise tracking 3 beam laser drive at some important points. Thus, to avoid vibrations, the drive is for example mounted on a sub-chassis with a weight of 4 kg: a solid block made from brass, aluminum and Terodem, spring-mounted on three points for isolation. And the highlight is the adjustment: The drive can be adjusted absolutely horizontal as it is true for very good record players.
The solid top cover made from 10 mm thick aluminum that protects the drive against sound pressure waves of the music coming from the speakers is not less complex and at least as effective as the measures mentioned above. When removing the cover for changing CDs you feel its weight and the high quality of its workmanship. Due to its unique shape and material design developed by mbl it closes the mbl 1621 A drive like a safe. To avoid resonance within the CD chamber the cover is cut three-dimensionally screw-like. Due to this shape there are no parallel surfaces between the CD and the screw-like cover.
Not only the screw shape complexly cut in the mbl works, but also the vibration absorbers on the cover axis have been conceived to avoid resonance.
In addition to this subtlety with regard to electronics and materials a true master for fault clearance is placed directly on the CD: the CD stabilizer. Being similar to and as effective as a star, it keeps the position of the CD without causing trouble itself. Not for nothing it represents an own chapter in MBL’s development history. Its shape and its composition of aluminum, magnesium, brass and a very special alloy required complex material research in our own acoustic labs. Its static weight fixing the CD on the driving disc is as exactly calculated as the dynamic mass providing for an exact starting of the CD. In combination with a precisely cut O ring the 13 fingers avoid vibrations or fluttering on the outer edge of the CD.
The handling of the stabilizer is full of joy and is not more amazing than the solid appearance of the drive which reflects the solid quality of the 30 kg device in an subtly elegant way. The 10 mm thick cover of the drive made from solid aluminum lets you have no doubts about quality – Imperturbability is a trump.
Our Sound
It almost seems to be unnecessary to mention that this never-ending truly detail-oriented research and development has of course paid for itself. MBL’s 1621 A drive sounds incredibly! Its resolution being finely differentiated and totally free of discoloring and disturbances it also gives the most critical music lover a pleasure of the senses. The violin solo enchants as clear as crystal up to the finest nuances, dry basses being as energetic as originals can be heard from the CD or voices breathe dreamily natural out of the speakers. That’s straight musical pleasure.
It’s also a pleasure to regard and feel, since its brilliant elegance and excellent finish seduce not only into listening but also into regarding and feeling its immaculate beauty, its perfection.

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