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NEW! The UHA Pure DC Outboard Power Supply (OPS)
Add to any UHA Tape Deck for an additional $6000.
This deck uses only DC power in the deck, no AC at all!
The Outboard Power Supply converts AC from the wall to DC power and all the systems in the deck run 100% on DC current!
The motors on this deck were all DC so the lights, transport functions and control, VU meters and the internal UHA head amps all run on DC current.

Dimensions = 19" wide X 15" deep (rack footprint, the handles on the front add 2") X 8" tall
48.3cm wide X 38.1cm deep (rack footprint, the handles on the front add 5.08cm")x 20.3cm tall
This is the latest in R2R Playback and recording, the new UHA Outboard Power Supply DC current.

People have asked why did you use this particular tape deck?

1.) It had DC powered motors that are very speed stable and reliable, and most important they are quiet in comparison to the large AC motors on the studio decks.
This quiet operation is very important in an audiophile listening room!  

2.) With DC motors the ultimate expression of this tape deck would be to run the entire deck on DC current.
To run everything in the deck on DC power was the ultimate goal, the transport, the lights, VU meters and the tape head amps all running on DC current!
How was this accomplished?
After lots of experimentation and trial and error, all has been converted to DC operation in the UHA-OPS-DC tape decks.

Inside the box are two large toroidal power transformers.
One runs the motors and one runs only the tape head amps.
There are banks of DC conversion devices that convert the huge output of the large power transformers to DC current.
There is complete separation of DC current and their related functions, there is one power transformer running the motors transport lights and everything not associated with the music signal path.
Then the other transformer and bank of DC conversion devices were designed to optimally run only the tape head amps.
This provides the best and most complete isolation of the sound signal path.   
The new UHA head amps run 100% on DC current.

The result is there is no AC inside the tape deck whatsoever!

UHA-OPS-DC Starting at $6000
Dimensions = 19" wide X 15" deep (rack footprint, the handles on the front add 2") X 8" tall
48.3cm wide X 38.1cm deep (rack footprint, the handles on the front add 5.08cm")x 20.3cm tall

The new UHA Outboard Power Supply (OPS) can be added to any UHA tape deck for the ultimate in power delivery.
This new OPS unit converts AC power from the wall outlet to DC power and the entire OPS-DC deck runs 100% on DC Current!
The new OPS-DC consists of two custom wound toroidal power transformers
done specially for UHA, one to run the motors and one to run the dual mono designed preamps.
The new custom power transformers are a special design engineered with the latest technologies, plus they are super massive for immediate power delivery.
At full output the audio power transformer is only operating at a super small fraction of the transformers capapacity.

There are banks of AC to DC conversion devices that convert AC to DC and the entire deck is running on DC current.
The tape transport, the lights, logic circuits, VU meters, everything has been rewired to operate 100% on DC Current!

The DC conversion devices are segregated by their respective tasks.
One large toroidal power transformer feeds the DC conversion devices that run the motors, tape transport,  lights and all things other than the audio playback or recording circuits. The second power toroidal power transformer feeds banks of DC conversion devices that operate the audio playback and record circuits only!
This provides complete isolation of functions and purity of  DC power to the audio circuits!  

The chassis of the OPS is overbuilt as well, there is room inside the box for proper seperation
of the two transformers (motor & preamp transformers) and for proper isolation.
The box is bolstered by two sheets of 3/4" MDF bolted internally to the bottom and also the top of the chassis for damping and rigidity.
The transformers are bolted to the 3/4" sheet of MDF for the most solid mounting possible.
A damping material is used to decouple the transformer from the chassis to isolate the transformer from vibrations.  

The rear of the chassis has a metal plate bolted to it to allow a solid and dampened platform for the umbilical power cable on the rear.
The umbilical power cable is made up of specially shielded Synergistic Research and Cardas cable, all power runs to the preamp have even been double wired
for a huge delivery of power to the preamps. Even the bus bar is pure copper with a damping material seperating each connection point.

This will deliver an effortless presentation of the music regardless of the complexity
or simeltaneous requirement for the deepest bass notes and soaring high frequencies.

Listening tests with the OPS has resulted in a more powerful and immediate presentation of the music.
The bass and midrange have an effortless solid foundation that is quite exciting while the high end has no limitations.
These are the finest audiophile quality transformers possible, as usual in all the UHA decks cost was no object in getting the best parts available.
The super massive power transformer feeding the preamps is the real star of this OPS venture.
When you offer the UHA preamps an immediate and limitless delivery of power their true capabilities are realized.