Pro-ject Turntables
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Starting at $350 including Cartridge and arm ready to play!

The following three models are in store now, ready for demo!

HL Signature $12,000
HL Signature - $14,000 HL Signature Superpack*
The Signature turntable is Pro-Ject's all-out assault on the analog high-end.
This no-compromise approach to vinyl playback design commemorates Pro-Ject's 20-years as an esteemed manufacturer of turntables and electronics. Each table takes 3 months to build and is entirely constructed and assembled by a team of two highly skilled craftsman - truly an artisan product!
Signature employs a highly sophisticated approach by combining the themes of mass loading and magnetic decoupling. The main plinth supports two plinths and two motors with a belt-driven flywheel system that is magnetically decouples the platter's bearing. The main plinth also houses the touch screen that allows control of all operational parameters and variable speed adjustment. The second plinth is made of aluminum sits beneath the platter and is responsible for supporting the magnetic suspension. "Sorbothane Pillows" isolate the entire assembly and further reduce unwanted disturbances and vibration. The flywheel belt-drive system employs two motors and ensures vibration and noise-free mechanical operation for all moving parts.
The advanced single-pivot 12" tonearm can accommodate virtually any cartridge due to its wide range of adjustment possibilities and selection of different counterweights. It is even possible to adjust the VTA while the record is playing!
* SuperPack includes Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation Cartridge at a significantly reduced price.
33, 45 rpm Electronic Speed Change

Drive Principle
Flywheel Belt Drive
Motor Control
Precision generator with LCD Display
Speed Variance
Wow & Flutter
3 X Silicon Drive Belt
2 X Micro-Processor Synchronous Motors
Mains Bearing
Ceramic (Ball/Plate)
300mm Aluminum Alloy with vinyl mat
12" Single-Pivot Aluminium
Effective Tonearm Length
12" (304.8mm)
Effective Tonearm Mass
Mounting Distance
Offset Angle
Tracking Force
Power Supply
Switch Mode, Outboard
Power Consumption
20 W DC
Dimensions (WHD)
22.5 x 9.3 x 17.4 in., 570 x 234 x 440 mm
76lbs., 34.3kg
Gloss Piano Black Lacquer, Mahogany or Olive Wood

Xtension 10 Xtension 10 $3,250 - Xtension 10 Superpack $3,750

The Xtension 10 shares much with its larger brother the Xtension 12. Designed to be smaller and with a 10" tonearm, the Xtension 10 delivers nearly all of the 12's performance in a more compact and less expensive package. Pro-Ject's Xtension 10 incorporates over 20 years of experience in turntable design and manufacture. The Xtension 10 represents their latest technological efforts to address mass-decoupling and resonance reduction. Beginning with the mass-loaded magnetically floated sub-chassis and the precision balanced sandwich alloy platter (recycled vinyl/alloy), the foundation of this system weighs in at a super-heavy 48lbs.

Additionally, Pro-Ject employs magnetic decoupling feet to thwart airborne or mechanical vibration from disturbing playback. This mass and isolation creates an environment of extremely low resonance allowing music to emerge from an ultra-silent black background. An AC motor with a two-step pulley drive with Electronic Speed Control maintains perfect pitch and rhythm resulting in inaudible wow, flutter and noise. Further reducing noise and vibration is the isolated Sorbothane mounting board for the 10" carbon-fiber tonearm. The conical arm and unified headshell are fabricated from a single piece of carbon fiber to avoid problems associated with standing wave reflections. Single screw fixing of the armtube allows for easy rotation for adjustment of needle azimuth. Additionally the arm is fully adjustable for VTA. A high-performance 123cm phono interconnect cable is included.

SuperPack includes Sumiko BlackBird Cartridge at a significantly reduced price.

Xperience Basic + $899 Piano Black version - $999 Acrylic version
The Xperience Basic + delivers extraordinary "quiet" performance through the use of low-resonance plinth and platter design, a decoupled motor and 8.6" single piece conical aluminum tonearm tube. The table comes with a Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 Phono Cartridge which proves an ideal match with the Xperience Basic +*. The Platter is made from non-resonant MDF and includes a felt mat. It's low-tolerance chrome-plated stainless-steel axle runs on a Teflon bearing plate in a sintered bronze bearing housing for exceptionally good speed stability. The plinth sits on three height-adjustable rubber-damped aluminum cone feet for addition rejection of noise and vibration. Additionally, the motor is physically isolated from the plinth, further reducing noise. A single-piece fixed headshell 8.6" tonearm features hardened stainless steel bearings and rigid aluminum tube to provide superb tracking and resonance reduction. Accurate adjustment cartridge azimuth is easily accomplished for optimization of your choice of phono cartridge. Female chassis mount RCA connectors on the rear panel allow for the use of any single ended interconnect cables. Transparent acrylic or Piano Gloss Black Lacquer finish.

Xpression III $699
The Xpression III provides a feature set and musical performance not usually associated with turntables in this price range. Employing machined cone feet, a low-noise motor with precision flat-ground belt driving a new precision machined acrylic platter, the table operates in virtual silence. A carbon-fiber tonearm tube with integrated headshell is pre-mounted with a Sumiko Oyster cartridge. Additionally, the tonearm features an inverted thrust bearing with two hardened stainless steel points resting in sapphire thrust pads to maximize the Oyster’s performance. Furthermore, the tonearm provides for easy adjustment of the stylus rake angle (VTA), azimuth and tangency, greatly optimizing analog playback performance and cartridge flexibility. Detachable interconnects included.

Debut Carbon $399

Since its first appearance the late 1990's, Pro-Ject's Debut range has earned the coveted "best buy" status for an entry-level turntable. In just over a decade, the Debut model has sold several hundred thousand units and has elevated the status of turntables by appearing in museum collections and gracing the pages of high-fashion and lifestyle magazines. In 2012, the Debut Carbon once again sets a new standard in terms of cost versus performance by evolving the Debut to a higher level of build precision, sound quality and aesthetics. The Debut III was a hard act to follow, but Pro-Ject has one again challenged convention by offering even better performance at an easily affordable price. The most profound upgrade is the addition of the 8.6" single-piece tube carbon fiber tonearm that increases stiffness while decreasing unwanted resonances resulting in a higher fidelity presentation of your treasured recordings. Fitted to the carbon fiber arm is a true high-end cartridge, the 2M Red phono cartridge by Ortofon. This arm/cartridge combination is quite capable of exceptional tracking and recovery of the musical nuance found within the records grooves. The attractive resonance-reducing MDF plinth supports a heavier 300mm diameter metal platter for smoother rotation and lower wow and flutter. Additionally, a felt record mat is employed for superior record support and coupling. The platter and plinth assembly sits upon four-point "O"-ring feet designed for energy absorption and the plinth-mounted motor is isolated by a new Sorbothane™ suspension keeping unwanted noise and vibration to a bare minimum. Plinth mounted RCA output jacks allow for the use of higher quality interconnects for even better sonic performance. The Debut Carbon is offered in seven high-gloss fashion colors and a full-sized hinged dustcover is included.