Red Tape Deck
**United Home Audio / UHA-HQ Series Tape Decks**

Of course we have custom colors, what would you like?
The Red Devil featuring a Ferrari red automotive quality paint job.

Custom design work is just the icing on the audiophile quality electronics in this deck.
The UHA-HQ decks with Phase4, or the ultimate Phase5 electronics,
 will out perform any stock deck in the world.
 Studer, Otari, Technics, Revox you name it.
Yes even the Ampex ATR 100 decks made 40 years ago do
not posses the quality of circuitry or
the newest high end electronic components used in the high end UHA-HQ decks.

Close up of the interesting design elements in red below.

Notice the interesting Celtic design elements on the knobs and
tape head cover, all painted by hand in the red finish.
The knob elements were custom forged for the UHA decks!
Custom UHA Reels ate pictured, also a custom laser cut insert on the
tape head replaces the stock "Tascam" badge.

**United Home Audio / UHA-HQ Series Tape Decks**