Shun Mook for the UHA Tape Decks

Left to Right as pictured above.
Left, the Ultra Diamond Resonator (UDR) with large spike and 1/4 carat diamond.
- The Double Ultra Diamond Resonator (DUDR).
Ultra Diamond Resonators (U.S. Patent No. D364168) – This is a totally new approach to “Mechanical Grounding”. This 3.75” to 4” diameter x 1.75”h body is made with from black African Mpingo wood with a 3/8”dia shank and tipped with a1/4 carat natural diamond. This patented design contains a large volume of ebony reservoir for filtering distortions while the natural diamond allows for the instantaneous escape of unwanted vibrations, the resonating properties of this ebony when excited by the electromechanical energy will enhance the musical quality of audio reproduction. These matched sets are recommended for all Pre-amp and Power amps, especially the very heavy units weight up to 200 lbs, Using these will instantly expand the sound staging and increased separation. Tonal balance of the music will be much richer and deliver an improvment in soundstaging.

- Double Giant Diamond Resonator (DGDR) (Double UDR and Double GDR screw together as pictured).
- Giant Diamond Resonator (GDR).
Giant Diamond Resonators (U.S. Patent No. D364168)
With a 5” diameter x 2.25” high body which holds three times the volume of ebony reservoir than the Ultra Diamond Resonators, this is truly the ultimate enhancement device of your electronic components the 1/2” diameter steel shank carries a half-carat natural diamond point.
Each time we have tested the Shun Mook devices under any component we have noted an improvement in tonality and three dimensionality in the room.
At present due to the difficult of obtaining large pieces of ebony this is only produced in very limited quantities.

The Shun Mook pricing is as follows;

All are custom made and tuned specifically for the UHA decks.
Side panels = $850
Shun Mook footers for the deck (4) large spikes and 1/4 carat diamonds on the spikes = $1800

Giant Diamond Resonators (3) with large spikes and 1/4 carat diamond for under the OPS = $1800
Deck below with GDR on top for tuning and 3 Mpingo discs
Shun Mook side panels tuned for the UHA decks pictures above & below.

Above - Shun Mook footers for the UHA decks.

Below - Special cut Mpingo wood shields for the new UHA HQ Tape Heads