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United Home Audio Tape Deck 2019 Show Schedule
UHA Tape Deck awards

United Home Audio Audiophile Quality Tape Decks

United Home Audio Tape Deck Show Schedule for 2019
Info will be updated as info becomes available.

1.) The Florida Audio Expo February 2019 with MBL
See the by Lee Skogins Part Time Audiophile report here,  MBL & UHA At the Florida Audio Expo

2.) Axpona 2019 in Chicago with Synergistic Research
Ultima 4 OPS DC Tape deck and lots of great tapes!
April 12 - 14, 2019 Journey / Creation Room at Axpona.
See the report by Lee Scoggins here - Part Time Audiophile / Lee Scoggins

3.) The Home Entertainment Show - The High End Audio Show Los Angeles 2019
UHA will show the Ultima4 OPS-DC Tape Deck with MBL at the show.
4.) The Rocky Mountian Audiofest 2019
Will show the new Ultima4- OPS-DC Tape Deck with ??? not sure yet...

5.) Capital Audiofest 2019
Not sure yet about this show...
Will have a very large room but not sure about the equipment yet.
More news to come.

United Home Audio Audiophile Quality Tape Decks