UHA Reel to Reel Tape Deck Option List
Pictures and option list below

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Current Options for UHA tape decks 2017:

Make sure to check out the Shun Mook tuning devices custom designed by
Shun Mook expressly for the UHA Tape Decks.
Pictures and descriptions via the link below.
Shun Mook for the UHA Tape Decks

UHA Custom Designed Billet Aluminum Headblock Cover
With Custom Fit Mu-Metal Lining For THe Ultimate Shielding
This Headblock Cover With Mu-Metal Shielding Measured A 2db To 3db Lower Noise Floor!

Raw Mu-Metal Shielding
Custom Cutting And Fitting Of The Mu-Metal Shields To Line The Headblock Cover

Installing The Custom Fit Mu-Metal Lining

Vari-Q: $750.00
Two precision knobs (L&R channel in silver) that adjust the high frequency eq
 in infinate adjustments between +4.5db to -4.5db.
Adjust on the fly to dial in any tape to your room, your system, or just to your ear.
Cannot be included on a record deck.

Scrape Flutter Roller: $750.00
Pictures of the silver square housing with the scrape flutter
roller between the black tape head to the left and the playback head with
custom Mpingo wood dampening device on the head to the right.
Since this is a playback deck only I can remove the record head and install
this roller mechanism.
It will flatten the tape and make it more uniform and align the tape as it
passes across the playback head for the best transference of the magnetic
information to the tape head. This scrape roller has ruby bearings and is
fully adjustable so that the tape hits the roller in the best way possible.
Cannot be installed on a record deck.

Super Grounding Device: $750 - $5000
This device goes into the output signal path and scavenges any noise then shunts it to the earth ground.
They come in variying sizes and configurations / prices.
Small silver grounding device below.
Large Silver Grounding Device below. There are larger devices designed to be used with UHA
outboard power supply decks that go up to $5000.

Celtic Knot design side panels:
Black $450 / Red or any specialty color $550
Specialty coatings extra.
These were precision machined by a computer out of solid billet aluminum then spray painted the
desired color, (black pictured left, red right, we can do any color).
When dry they were wet sanded by hand to reveal the raised knot design.
Thsee awesome design elements were machined to bolt perfectly into the rack mount ears on the side
of the deck. They both look great and hide the rack mount ears when the deck isn't bolted into in a rack.

CUSTOM BLUE (above) or RED (below) VU METERS: $200:
These VU meters were designed to offer the best sight characteristics when viewing your VU meters.
The new VU meter faces were made of a bright white background then
precision cut by a laser to produce a black graph and black lettering.
The black really pops from the white meter face.
The meter graph lines and numbers were enlarged over the stock graph
size and additional metering lines were added.
You will know it's a custom VU by the UHA-HQ on the meter face.

SSC Feet:
SSC products are very easy to use and the sound improvement is amazing.
Most audio component feet offer little to no vibration control.
By using SSC feet it is possible to improve the sound very easily and cost-effectively.
All SSC products are engineered and produced in Germany.

NAB hubs:
Black / Red / Silver

Premium hubs, thicker metal Professional Model. $400 pr.
New larger design scalloped models $500 pr.

**United Home Audio / UHA-HQ Series Tape Decks**

**United Home Audio / UHA-HQ Series Tape Decks**