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Where to buy Reel To Reel Master Tape Copies
ABC Records (Jazz/Classical/Other) http://www.abcrecord.com
Acoustic Sounds: www.acousticsounds.com
Analog Mastering Services (Jazz/Rock/Classical) http://www.analogmaster.net
*Analogy Records (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) www.analogyrecords.org
Brilliance Music and Studios (in US, Contact Gary Koh at Genesis Advanced Technologies)
*Dangerous Analog (Jazz/Classical) www.dangerousanalog.com
Fone (Classical) see Elusive Disc
Groove Note (Jazz/Classical/Other) see Elusive Disc
Hemioliarecords.com http://www.hemioliarecords.com/index.php
Horch House (Jazz/Classical) http://www.analogarts.net
International Phonograph (Jazz) http://www.internationalphonographinc.com
Lutz Precision/MPS-Music (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) www.mps-music.com
MA Recordings ((in US, Contact Gary Koh at Genesis Advanced Technologies)
Master Tape Sound (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) http://www.unitedhomeaudio.com
Open Reel Records (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) www.openreelrecords.com
**Opus 3 (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) see Elusive Disc (http://www.opus3records.com)
Quinton Records (Jazz /Classical) http://www.quintonrecords.com
STS-digitalshop (Jazz/Classical/Rock) http://www.sts-digitalshop.nl/
The Tape Project (Jazz/Rock/Classical/Other) http://www.tapeproject.com
Tone-Pearl Records (Classical) http://www.tonepearls.com
Yarlung Records (Jazz /Classical/Other) www.yarlungrecords.com
Ultraanalogue Records (Classical) http://ultraanaloguerecordings.com
Lyn Stanley (special order) (Jazz)
Patricia Barber (special order) Jazz) http://www.premonitionrecords.com