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Yarlung Records Master Tapes

Yarlung Records is the newest recording company to enter the Master Tape for consumer purchase arena.
With tapes being offered at only $120 per 10.5" reel Yarlung offers you the opportunity
to listen to Master Tape quality music in your home for reasonable money.

Tape playback is the standard Master Tape for consumer purchase format.
10.5" reel / 15ips / 2 track stereo / IEC Playback EQ.

Yarlung now has 4 tapes being sold.

Latin Grammy Award Winning Album!

I LIKE IT A LOT. It’s definitely dirty enough, especially as it gets into the tough tango section. It's a beautiful interpretation.... Carlos Gardel, the mythical tango singer, was young, handsome, and at the pinnacle of his popularity when the plane that was carrying him to a concert crashed and he died in 1935.... Omaramor is a fantasy on 'My Beloved Buenos Aires' ” by Gardel.
Osvaldo Golijov

There it was: a fresh and exhilarating arrangement of Piazzolla's
Le Grand Tango for strings and piano obbligato “to keep the colors and authentic nature of this work alive.” What a treasure, and what an unexpected gift! My personal interest in this music emanates from my heritage: my father Alberto, to whom I lovingly and respectfully dedicate this album, was born in Argentina and returned there frequently throughout his distinguished career as a concert violinist and pedagogue.
Antonio Lysy

We commissioned famed Argentine composer Lalo Schifrin to write Pampas for this recording. The work evokes the rich grasslands stretching from Buenos Aires to Patagonia. Schifrin writes “The first theme is distant and evocative which leads to a contrasting section of rhythmic energy... This work was commissioned by violoncello Master Antonio Lysy for which I’m very grateful.”
Lalo Schifrin

Antonio Lysy captures the cultural range of this country in our recording. He chose these particular works because they all draw inspiration from the folk music traditions of Argentina. This album highlights the ‘cello as a solo instrument and illustrates the impact of pre-Hispanic Amerindian traditions and Spanish based Creole influences as well as the effect of more modern musical developments like the tango on Argentine composers.
Bob Attiyeh, producer

"...extremely gifted and polished.... Petteri plays with natural raw talent and extraordinary technical and musical finesse... his personality infuses his music with a charm and depth especially welcome today. A young master."
Hagai Shaham

"wonderfully talented"

Writing about Petteri's triumphant debut with Zubin Mehta conducting the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Noam Ben-Ze'ev writes about "the fantastic young Finnish soloist Petteri Iivonen."

The audience broke into wild and uncustomary applause after the first movement, and leapt to their feet after the third, insisting on four curtain calls for the soloist. Bravo Petteri!

I remember the first time I heard the name “Petteri Iivonen.” It was late in the evening, and my phone rang at home. “Hello Bob,” a dark voice greeted me, before I could say hello myself. “My name is Hagai Shaham... I know a young violinist you must hear right away. He comes from Finland. His name is Petteri Iivonen.” Petteri’s affable personality galvanized as much support for this debut recording as did his exceptional talent with the violin. Listen to the colors Petteri employs in the first movement of the Debussy sonata, especially in the flautando sections. Or the extreme tenderness of the second movement of Ysaÿe’s Sonata No. 2. And then compare that with the icy brilliance of the same sonata’s fourth movement after the one-minute mark. Note too the yearning of an entire nation, perhaps the entire Twentieth Century, in the arrival of the Eli Eli theme in tracks twelve and thirteen. (Yarlung Artists commissioned David Lefkowitz to write Eli Eli for Petteri, in honor of Hagai Shaham.) And then evaluate this music in comparison with the titanic Bach Partita, and enjoy the world of color and emotion that Petteri delivers in this final work on his recording.
Bob Attiyeh, producer

Janaki String Trio brings together three friends and virtuoso musicians whose passion and commitment captivate their audiences as they tackle their music with freshness, energy and maturity. Founded at The Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles in early 2005, the group soon won the 59th Annual Coleman Chamber Music Competition, and in March 2006, the threesome came to national attention as the first string trio ever to win the Concert Artists Guild International Competition. The Trio also garnered the inaugural BMI Foundation Commission Prize.

The Janaki Trio was selected to participate in Canada's Banff Music Festival in June 2006. This honor follows an exciting 2005-06 season, highlighted by performances on such series as Sundays Live at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Lagerstrom Chamber Music at Caltech, South Bay Chamber Music Society and the Music Guild Chamber Music Series. Janaki Trio made its New York recital debut in Carnegie Hall's Weill Recital Hall in January 2007.

“a superb cellist”
Syracuse Post Standard
"Impeccable American cellist"
La Presse
"…David Fung performed strongly, showing off velocity, volume, stamina and a wide range of color and mood."
Wayne Lee Gay, The Star Telegram, Fort Worth, Texas
Elinor Frey plays a 1962 Mario Gadda Italian ‘cello from Mantua. She uses a baroque bow (made by Louis Bégin in Montreal) for Bach’s ‘cello suite and for Amour et Biauté Parfaite.
There are no equalization adjustments on this album. We made all “EQ adjustments” with microphone placement at the start. It is always our goal to record this way: we succeeded similarly with David Fung’s Evening Conversations, and also with Orion, Joanne Pearce Martin: Barefoot, and Ryan MacEvoy McCullough in Concert.
Thanks to our friend and supporter Jon Fisher, Gearworks Pro Audio gave us the use of an Austrian AKG C-24 stereo microphone, one of the few still using the original brass surround CK12 tube in excellent condition. For this recording we used Yarlung-Records-designed interconnects with a flat silver ribbon suspended in air for the dialectric, customized vacuum tube preamplifiers, and recorded directly to two tracks without a mixer.
Bob Attiyeh, producer